Lake Tuscaloosa - FAQ

Q1: Is there a shower in each bath?
Yes. There are 4 Full Bathrooms (each includes a shower).

Q2: Any water toys included (kayaks, canoe, paddleboard, floats, etc)?
Pool noodles and noodle floating chairs are included. We will entertain the though of adding other "water toys," if we get enough requests for specific ones.
So, please let us know if you have any specific requests for “water toys." :)

Q3: Is there a fenced in area for our dog?
Unfortunately, there is no fenced in area for a dog.

Q4: How many TV's are available?
2 TVs

Q5: I see a Keurig Coffee Maker in the photos. Is there a regular coffee pot also or does this Keurig have the carafe option?
We only have the Keurig.
There is no regular coffee pot and the Keurig does not have the carafe option.

Q6: Are there plenty of pots, pans, baking sheets, etc. for cooking?
Yes, there are plenty of pots, pans, and baking sheets.

Q7: Is this house all one level or upstairs/downstairs?
The house in on ONE LEVEL.

Q8: Will the pool and home be fully sanitized and clean?
Yes. The pool and home will be deep cleaned after every use.

Q9: How deep is the pool?
Pool is 8ft at the deepest.

Q10: Is the pool heated?
No, the pool is not heated.

Q11: How far away is the dock/pier from the house?
The dock/pier is around 50-75 yards from the house. A walkway has been built enabling you to access it. :)

Q12: Anywhere to rent a boat?
Check out this site:
If for some reason, this site doesn't work then Google "Lake Tuscaloosa Boat Rental" and a couple of choices should come up! :)

Q13: Nearest grocery store/bakery?
Winn Dixie
Phone: +12053330321
Address: 13620 US-43, Northport, AL 35475

Q14: Lake Fun & Fishing 
Lake Tuscloosa is a more recreational boating lake with more activity on the weekends.
Overall fishing is not great but you should be able to catch a couple catfish around the dock. Renting a boat would be fun!

Q15: Heater Questions
The home has central heat + space heaters; so, make sure you turn the thermostat to where you want it and get the space heaters going (if you are cold natured and want it warmer)! :)

Are there golf clubs and balls for the putting green? 
Yes! There are plenty of clubs and balls for the putting green.

Q17: Do we need to bring our own poker chips, ect?
We provide the poker chips!
Q18: Is the home wheel chair accessible?
Yes, the home is wheel chair accessible. House is all one level. No stairs to enter. From bunk room to living room there is a four inch step down and same thing for living room to game room.
The back bathroom that is adjacent to the game room will be wheel chair accessible; it’s wide enough.
It’ll just be the 4 inch step down from the living room to the game room that might cause an issue to access it. This shouldn’t be that bad though.

Q19: Oven doesn't seem to be working?
The over does work. It just needs to be "set in convection and it takes a little bit to heat up."
Q20: Pool is dirty?
Pool gets professionally cleaned every week (on Friday) BUT there are a lot of trees around the pool so leaves and other stuff can easily find there way into the pool rather quickly. We just want to assure you that the water is clean/safe to swim in.
Q21: Last people forgot to run dishwasher. What should I do?
We apologize for this inconvenience. There should be liquid dishwashing soap either above the sink or underneath the cabinet. If there's not any, then please let us know. 

Q22: Does home have a baby gate or baby gear?
No baby gate but every room has a door blocking things. Only have a folding baby chair for eating.